Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Fun Component VII

First of all i'll say thanx to Rémy Rakic, who pointed me to the idea to create todays component. It's all about a design clock that was created by Biegert&Funk and which name is QlockTwo. This clock displays the current time in steps of five minutes in words. 
This design clock is awsome and definitly something i'll buy in the future (if i'll find some money for it). The original clock is available in lots of languages whereas my version does only support the following 
  • german
  • english
  • french (that's for you Rémy)
  • dutch (that's for you Tom)
To make sure to avoid problems with copyrights etc. i won't show any original image here but you will find a lot of images if you search for QlockTwo in google. 

My version does support all colors of the original one (even the stainless steel one) and is fully scalable as usual.

To give you an impression how it looks like here are some screenshots...

Black Ice Tea

Cherry Cake

Lime Juice

Frozen Blackberry

Vanilla Sugar

Stainless Steel

The original clock has a light sensor which is used to adjust the brightness of the light of the characters. To get the same behaviour one could use the setBrightness() method of the QlockTwo component which takes values from 0.25f - 1.0f (default). If you would like to change the color you could use the setColor() method or if you would like to customize the component you might want to set the color property to CUSTOM and use the methods setCustomBackground(java.awt.Paint), setCustomOn(java.awt.Color) and setCustomOff(java.awt.Color) to give the clock your own style.
Changing the language can be done by using setLanguage() method.
There's also a method to enable/disable the visibility of the highlight effect named setHighlightVisible(boolean).

You might ask yourself how the clock displays values that doesn't fit in the 5 minutes scheme...well that's easy...on each corner of the clock you will find a dot which has the following meaning...

Dots will be switched ON:
upper left dot  : if (currentMinute %5 == 1 || currentMinute %5 == 6)
upper right dot: if (currentMinute %5 == 2 || currentMinute %5 == 7)
lower right dot: if (currentMinute %5 == 3 || currentMinute %5 == 8)
lower left dot  : if (currentMinute %5 == 4 || currentMinute %5 == 9)

Dots will be switched OFF:
all dots:           if (currentMinute %5 == 0)

As an example please take a look at the following image...

I asked Biegert&Funk for permission to release a Java component of their QlockTwo but unfortunately i did not get any response to my question...

To avoid problems with their copyright i won't add a download link to this blog entry until i will get the permission but if you are interested in this clock you might want to drop me a mail and we could see what is possible.

This evening Biegert&Funk contacted me and told me that i'm not allowed to publish the component (which was no surprise to me) and i totally understand this. That means if you would like to have a clock component like mine you have to create it by yourself...which is a good reason to have some fun ;-)

If you like the real Biegert&Funk QlockTwo you might want to buy one here but you have to know that quality has it's price.

So keep coding...   


  1. Considering they sell the clock as an iPhone app also I don't think they are likely to react well to this, unfortunately.

  2. How can a swing component violate their copyright?

    Why not ask them how & why they think releasing your swing component infringes on their rights?

    That would've made for a more interesting blog post altogether.

    Although I'm sure it wasn't meant that way,the only thing that remains in this blog post is a commercial for an expensive novelty clock.

  3. The letter layout are the result of B&F's work, but if the component is stripped from this there should be no problem.

    I suggest to leave the text layout/highlighting as a plugin (it differs for each language anyway) and provide only a plugin that is different enough to leave the component "publishable".

  4. Well, it seems easy enough to write, so now I have something to do this weekend! :-)

  5. Finally somone who got it right...enjoy was fun...

  6. This clock is quite unique. I like the changing to other languages aspect. It would make a nice wall decor as well.

  7. dude i have taken this as a mini project... i am supposed to submit it in two days...please help me.. if possible send me the codes.. to

    1. If you've read this post you should know that I won't be allowed to send you the code, so I suggest you get a big cup of coffee and create the thing by's really not that hard...enjoy

    2. k..i will do it...