Friday, March 1, 2013

Just for the fun(k) of it...

Hi there,
again time for some fun. This time it's (again) about a clock that simply has an awesome design. I blogged about it nearly exact two years ago, it's the QlockTwo from Biegert & Funk...maybe it should better be Biegert & Fun :)
This clock is simple and stylish and two years ago I've created a Swing version from it which was fun. After I have finished the JavaFX training course last week in Basel at Canoo Headquarters a colleague of mine came to me and showed me his version of a JavaFX QlockTwo and I showed him the Swing version. Well what should I say, on my way back home I could not withstand and started porting the Swing version to JavaFX (thanx Sven for pointing me on that).
Two years ago I've implemented german, english, french and dutch as supported languages but now that we have friends in Spain too (yes José this is for you) I decided to add also a spanish version. The original QlockTwo also supports something like a seconds only mode where the current seconds will be displayed and because this was not in my original version I've added it to the JavaFX version too. 
Long story short, here is a screenshot that shows nearly all styles available (only dark-chocolate is missing on the screenshot), here you go...

The main problem was to get the display of the time right for all the languages (and there are still some problems) but overall it was great fun to create it. So if you figure out problems, just let me know or file an issue on github.

And because the original QlockTwo costs € 345 for the small version and € 885 for the standard version which means I guess most of you could not afford to buy one...I decided to add the control to the Enzo library which you could find on github. So everyone who's interested could have it's own version on his desktop monitor.

Well having the clock on the desktop monitor is some kind of nice but having it on a Raspberry Pi would be even better, so I've also added it to the Enzo7 library which you could find here (only as binary because things will change in the future). Means that if you have a lcd panel attached to your Raspberry Pi (like I have :) ) you could use the Raspberry Pi as a poor mans QlockTwo.

That's it for today, I hope you enjoy JavaFX as much as I do...keep coding...


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  2. That looks awesome! it would make an awesome screensaver for a pc\android devices.