Wednesday, June 14, 2017

TilesFX 1.4.4


Just on time before my next visit to Singapore I was able to release a new version of TilesFX. Last weekend I finally found some time to add some more features to TilesFX which I had on my list for some time.
First of all I've added a skin that simply shows a smoothed area chart called SmoothAreaChartTileSkin. As parameters you just have to add a list of ChartData objects.
The skin looks as follows...

This might sometime be useful for some dashboards if you would like to keep it simple :)

The next one that I've added is a RadarChartTileSkin which has two different Modes (Mode.POLYGON and Mode.SECTOR). Also the RadarChart takes a list of ChartData objects as parameter in Tile. The two different modes will look as follows...

As you can see both variants can be useful. In the example above I've used the RadarChart to visualize the temperature on every hour of the day which gives a nice temperature overview for measurements.
For the RadarChartTile I have implemented a limit of 128 ChartData elements which will be supported. The reason for this is that if you have more than 128 elements in a RadarChart you can't identify any value on the chart any more.

The third new skin I've added is a CountryTileSkin. In principle this tile simply shows the selected country as a SVGPath and a value with a unit.
This might come in handy if you would like to compare the data of a few countries on a dashboard with a little eye candy.
The CountryTileSkin looks like this...

Nothing really special but like I said...sometimes it could be handy :)
Because if I only show a single country I need SVG paths with a higher resolution which is the reason why I've added the file that contains the SVG paths for nearly all countries that you can also find in Java Locale.
The problem with this high resolution SVG paths is that they are big...the properties file alone is 1.3 MB which is the reason why the library is now 1.3 MB big.
For the WorldTileSkin I've only used lo resolution SVG paths where the file is only 125kb big but they don't look nice when used as a single country.

Well that's it for today, as always you can find the source code and binaries here:

Source Code: github

Binaries      : bintray

If you would like to know how to use the different skins in TilesFX you might want to check out the code from github and take a look at the Class that is part of the TilesFX library. If you run this Class you will get this...

In this demo I make use of nearly all skins that are available in TilesFX at the moment.

If you have any idea for tiles you need for you dashboard, please let me know and don't forget...keep coding... ;)

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