Saturday, September 28, 2019



Back from CodeOne in San Francisco I think it's time to blog about a new skin that I've added to the library.
In my last post you saw that I was preparing a custom skin for Gluon to monitor the 1060 Raspberry Pi cluster from Oracle.
Once I saw the use case I thought it might make sense to add this skin as a regular skin to the library.
Because visualizing 1060 tiles in a dashboard was a challenge I came to the conclusion that this skin should also get the ability to reduce the details it shows when it's size goes below a given threshold (in this case 100 x 100px).
In addition I had to add several features to be able to show for example different units for the cpu/mem and temperature data.
So here are the screen shots of both modes:

As you can see the reduced version shows the text within the bar which saves some vertical space.
In addition one can add an SVG string that will be used to visualize a button (in the lower right corner). This button could for example be used to reset a single node in case it got stuck or hangs.
The new skin can now be found under the name: ClusterMonitorTileSkin and is available since version 11.13.

The latest version can be found here:

Source github

Binary bintray

That's it for keep coding...

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