Thursday, September 16, 2010

And another one...

Yesterday i was sitting on the train and was thinking about a radial bargraph gauge...
What should i it's in the library...

There are 8 new components that i added to the lib:
  • RadialBargraph1
  • RadialBargraph1Lcd
  • RadialBargraph2
  • RadialBargraph2Lcd
  • RadialBargraph3
  • RadialBargraph3Lcd
  • RadialBargraph4
  • RadialBargraph4Lcd

and here they are...

    As you could see they are similar to the radial gauges that uses a pointer to visualize the data except that this gauges uses a led bargraph to visualize tha values.

    Additional to the new components i added a feature that again will help you to visualize a certain area of interest in your gauge. If don't like the track, the area or the section feature you might want to be interested in the colored tickmark feature. 
    Here you could define sections (like in the section feature) but only the tickmarks and their labels will be colored with the color defined in the given section. You could define a list of sections that will be used during the creation of the tickmarks.

    Here is a example where i defined the TickmarkSection for the range of 80...100

    Now it is also possible to decide if you would like to see the tickmarks only or maybe the tickmark labels only.
    Well let pictures speak...

    A short note to all of you that do not want to read all of the blogpost i just have to mention that the library depends on the trident animation library from Kirill Grouchnikov.
    Means if you would like to use one of the components you need to have the trident.jar file on the classpath of your project. Additional to that you need to have Java 6 installed on your system.

    BINARY:       SteelSeries.jar

    SOURCE:      Project Kenai

    So i hope this modifications are useful for one or another of you...