Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SteelSeries 2.0

I know i know...again a new version...BUT it really was needed. In version 2 of the steelseries i separated all additional components like Radar, Level, Compass, Altimeter, Foreground, Clock, Led, FrameCircular and FrameRectangular from the gauges. Otherwise the library would get to big and contains stuff that's not needed by everyone.


I renamed some of the getters and setters to a more standardized naming (e.g. "getUseCustomTickmarkLabels" was renamed to "isUsingCustomTickmarkLabels" etc.)

The additional components are now available as a addon library that depends on the steelseries library. I created a new repository on project kenai where you will also find a standalone version of the additional components called SteelExtrasSA and also a version of the steelseries that contains everything (SteelSeries + SteelExtras) named SteelSeriesFull.

On this website i'll only link to the steelseries 2.0 binary and the steelextras binary due to the restricted place available.

In addition to the separation i added 2 new components, a rectangular version of the Radial1Vertical component named RadialSquareVertical which looks like this...

To achieve gauges like this it was needed to modify the library a bit. In the "old" version i created a background image that contains the frame and the background but in the new version of the library i added three new classes named
  • FrameImageFactory
  • BackgroundImageFactory
  • ForegroundImageFactory
The names say it already these classes will create the different images of the gauges and this makes it possible to create a radial gauge in a rectangular frame.

The second new component is a small version of the above gauge (right now it's only in horizontal orientation but another version might follow). It looks like this...

This component is named RadialSquareSmall. It does contain most of the features except the area feature.

At least all components now support proper handling of insets ( hopefuly ;-) ).

Comments and hints are appreciated, so don't be shy...

So enjoy it...


  1. Thanks Gerrit for your Awesome work!
    In any case, sometimes the gauges instantiation a bit slow even with absolutely simple demo. Can you spot the problem and speed up the gauges instantiation issue?

  2. Great work!
    Do you have any plans for adding support for gauges with ranges between 0.0 and 1.0 (with decimal points on legend)?

  3. Hi Mirko,
    To be honest i've never thought about that but have to agree that it totally makes sense...
    I'll take a look at what's possible right now and what's missing to realize gauges in the range of 0...1

    Thanx for the hint,

    Cheers, Gerrit