Monday, January 17, 2011

FXG Converter update...

Due to my work on the html5 canvas version of the steelseries i had the same problem as a year ago where i started to create the java swing version of the steelseries library...converting graphics to code (it seems to be a never ending story).
After i made some progress converting the java swing code to html5 canvas, last week i decided to spend some time to add html5 canvas support to the fxg converter. I'm sure Adobe will add an export to canvas in future releases of Fireworks but today it's not possible to do that.

So here we go, the FXG converter now supports conversion from fxg to html5 canvas. It supports the FXG spec 2.0 except text (which will not be placed correctly in the converted canvas) and winding rules in paths (i only have one file where this leads to some drawing problems in canvas).

The workflow is the same as it is in the Java Swing version:

1. Create your drawing in Adobe Fireworks (or Adobe Illustrator):

2. Export the file to FXG.

3. Start the FXG converter and drag the fxg file to the converter.

4. Switch the button from java2d to canvas and press the Convert button.

5. The converter will create two files on your desktop that are named like the fxg file.

6. Simply open the html file in your favourite (html5 capable) browser and...enjoy

Like in the Java Swing version the converted "components" are fully scalable. 

An example of the converted JUG Muenster logo in different sizes could be found here. Another example of some converted fxg files could you find here.

If you have no possibility to create fxg files you might want to download the JUG Muenster logo as fxg file here.

Html5 Canvas is amazing because it seems to be the first real x-platform 2d api that one could use on all html5 capable browsers including iOS based devices, Android based devices, some setop boxes etc.

So enjoy converting your graphics to canvas and show it to the world...

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  1. This is a great tool you did build.
    I have a FXG file that has some problems. It shows some stuff in the converter, but when it convert the java file has multiple time the same API so it won't compile, some API name have some space in them, java is not too happy. ;-)
    If I try to convert it to canvas, it does generate some files, but the image is empty.

    Do you want me to send you the file?

    You can email me : olivier at