Thursday, March 10, 2011

SteelSeries 3.7.2

And another one...
nearly two weeks ago Andreas Ehlert contacted me and asked me if i could create some component that he would like to use to visualize the wind direction on a ship. An example of such a gauge could be found here.

He sent me some images and i started creating a version of this gauge for the SteelSeries library. Here is an image of the new component...


This gauge has two pointers where one pointer shows the measured direction from where the wind is coming from and the second pointer shows the real direction from where the wind is coming. The second pointer only has a setValue2() method but no setValue2Animated() method. The second pointer could have a all other properties that the standard pointer has like pointerType, pointerColor etc.
The lcd display in the component is not coupled to the pointer value but will show the windspeed in knots which has to be set by using setLcdValue().

In addition to this new gauge i made some modifications to the existing ones in the library. First i added a lcd display to the altimeter gauge which should it make more easy to directly read the visualized value, here is a little screenshot...

Altimeter incl. LCD

The other component i modified is the RadialCounter. I made some minor graphical modifications that hopefuly improves the look of the component a bit because i was not satisfied with it. On the left you see the new version and on the right you see the old version.

To be honest i'm still not sure if the new version will be finished forever but at the moment it seems to be better than the old one. The biggest problem with the old one was that you never saw the real value of the gauge which was the reason for the lcd display. Now one could set the value for example to 20 which will rotate the tickmarks two times and the lcd will show the value increasing up to 20.

In addition to the modifications above i also added another pointer type which is called TYPE6 and looks like this...


Another small modification is the ability to select different shapes for the tickmarks. There are three types of tickmarks:

  • MiniTickmarks
  • MinorTickmarks
  • MajorTickmarks

which could get a shape of
The available types are

  • LINE

In this release only LINE and CIRCLE are supported but i'll try to implement also TRIANGLE and SQUARE in a future release of the library.
The CIRCLE type on the major tickmarks will look like this...


In the last version there have still been problems with some components like the lcd etc. when drag'n drop it to a panel in a visual design editor like Matisse in Netbeans. The initial size after the component was dropped to the container was wrong. This is fixed now.

If you like the components in the library but miss a specific one that you could need...just let me know and i'll try to add it to the lib. One component on my list is for example an artificial horizon that i created 1.5 years ago and would like to add to the library in the future.

So that's it for today...

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