Sunday, May 15, 2011

SteelSeries 3.9.2 update...

This is just a small update of the steelseries library where i added four new backgrounds.

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Here is a screenshot that shows the new backgrounds...

In addition i made some modifications that make it possible to use the library also on headless systems.

Well...that's all, just would like to let you know...

Enjoy the rest of the weekend...


  1. Hi,

    Before writing my question, I want to congratulate you for the excellent work you've been doing in this library. The components are very good. :-)

    Now, here's my question:
    It's possible to modify or create an LCD display that's capable of showing HEX characters (0-F), in order to create a component similar to the 7-segement displays?

  2. Hi there,
    some time ago I created a 7-segment display component which might be usable for this kind of display. Maybe you can drop me a mail with some examples ?

  3. Hello Gerrit,
    first of all, my best congratulations for your work, each new version is more wonderful that the previous one!
    I have found a small bug in the Radial gauge component. In particular there is a problem with the Track section; if for instance i set MinValue=-100 and MaxValue=100, then i want to show the Track section from 0 to 100, the Track is not properly show. It seems there is a bad conversion between the value and the angle.
    Tell me if you need some further detail on this problem.
    Hear you soon!

  4. Hi Marco,
    Well that should not happen, i will check that tomorrow and will come back to you. Thanx for the info and cheers,

  5. Hi Marco,
    Problem solved and will be released with next version. If you need it now you could either build it yourself from the source or drop me a mail and i'll send you the latest snapshot release.

  6. Good morning Gerrit!
    Thanks a lot!... I've just sent you an email.


  7. Hello Gerrit,
    Before writing my question, my congratulation for your work!!! The tools look excellent and they are very useful.

    Now here is my problem:
    I have a LinearBargraph(for example MinValue: -3, MaxValue 25) and I use your "NiceScale-function"(bar.setNiceScale(true);).
    So my LinearBargraph has a range from -5 to 25. That absolute OK.
    Now I want to use the method "setTickmarkSection".
    I have three sections a red, a green and again a red one.
    SectionRedLow: -3 to 5
    SectionRedLow: 5 to 20
    SectionRedLow: 20 to 25
    The problem is, that the tickmarkSections are not properly scaled.
    Tell me if you need some further detail on this problem.
    I hope you can help me!!
    Thank you!!
    Best regards,

    1. Hi Christoph,
      well to be honest I didn't take a look into the Swing version for a while and I think it will stay as it is. I'm not sure which version you use but you mght want to check out the latest version from github and build it yourself to make sure you use the latest binaries. Cause I'm really busy these days I won't have the time to dig into this problem but if you could localize the problem and maybe have a patch I will add it to the lib. If you are only using the lib you might be able to send me example code and a detailled description so I might find some time to look at it.