Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Fun Component IX

Time for some progress...
I know it's a long time ago since i wrote the last blogpost but i really was busy the last weeks. Also today i do not have much time to create this little blogpost but you know it's friday and so it's time for some fun again...yay
I remembered a little app that i wrote nearly 3 years ago where i implemented some kind of an animated progress bar and so i decided to extract this component from the app and share it with you.
It's not derived from JProgressBar but from JComponent and is really only a bar that could be used as a progressbar. Here's a little screenshot and webstart demo to give you an impression about the component...

Click here to see it live...
It's really not a big deal but it was fun to create it and so it's worth to share it with you. You could adjust parameters like...

  • the colors of the bar
  • the color of the value/percentage text
  • the color of the fading infinite text
  • if it has rounded corners and the corner radius
  • the value and a max value

Like i said the component is a little bit older and might not be optimized but as always you will get the source and you might want to optimize it (if you have the time)...

So here we go:

    AnimatedProgress.jar        (the component as binary)        (the source as a Netbeans project)

As you can see i'm a little bit in a hurry so enjoy the upcoming weekend and keep coding...


  1. Hi Gerrit.

    Once again this is really good work. I just love the linen effect in Lion and really want to use it in my java applications:

    I know it would make a very fun component for next week :)

    Keep up the good work...

    Thanks, Nick

  2. Hi Nick,
    would love to create such a effect but really do not have the time...maybe later this year.
    Cheers, Gerrit

  3. Thanks. Well, I'll be waiting for it :)

    I guess I'll just have to use the image for now..


  4. Hi Nick,
    There is a first version of a linen texture as a background available in the steelseries library. To get it you have to get the sources from Kenai.

  5. Hi Gerrit,
    I discovered your blog yesterday and I must say your work is amazing.
    However, some of your oldest components are not online anymore, the links are dead.
    Do you know if you can do something about that?

    Thanks for your great job!


    1. Hi Romain,
      Well that's because Apple shut down which let me switch to DropBox, so if you let me know the links that doesn't work I will fix the links.

    2. Thanks for your response. Here are the components which links are dead:

      Thanks again,

    3. Hi Romain,
      Updated hopefully all of the links you mentioned.