Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Fun Component XIII

And another one...even if i was really busy this week due to an internal training course named the "Demo challenge" i could not resist to release another friday fun component.
This time it's all about a traffic light component that might be useful to visualize the state of something...and here is what it looks like...

This component is one of the simplest ones i've build so far and only has three properties...
  • redOn         (boolean)
  • yellowOn    (boolean)
  • greenOn     (boolean)

Each of these has a getter and a setter and that's i said...really simple...

It's scalable as you expected and as last week i created a little demo app that will give you the chance to take a look at the component before you might want to download the sources...

I hope this component will be useful for one or the other and if you have ideas for other components you would like me to create...just let me know...

Keep coding and enjoy the upcoming weekend...


  1. Great to build a "real" Jenkins status visualization with it ;-)

  2. cool another nice component e.g. for project state visualization. Every week impressed by your widgets. All components are good examples that swing UI components could be quite beautiful...

  3. Hi Gerrit,
    I have been following your work for quite some time - quite an impressive stuff! Thanks for sharing all this. Recently I've tried your technique myself, but couldn't get your FXG Converter2 to work. Could you be able to post some more info on how to use it? I used FW CS5 to create an image hoping to make live component in swing like you, but no luck :( Obviously I did something wrong in FW.

    You say "and if you have ideas for other components you would like me to create...just let me know..."

    I have some ideas from real world app which I would like to share with you, could probably be an interesting addition to your portfolio :) Please let me know how to get in touch.

    (BTW, it's impossible to post comment to your blog from Fire Fox, I thought it's a closed page but then accidentally saw it in Chrome and it does allow comment posts).

  4. Hi Dima,
    You could reach me at at googlemail dot com ...

  5. This looks very awesome! Is it available for JavaFX?

  6. Not yet but now that you asked for it I'll port it to JavaFX today :)

    Stay tuned for the next post :)

  7. Thank you very much! Your components look absolutely stunning, real eye-catchers. I tried to create one myself with Circles and Effects, but didn't even get close to what you created. The patterns and gradients are a tough thing to do.