Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Fun Component XV

Here we go again...
Today i have nothing special for you but just another traffic light component. This time the component is more compatible to different background colors because it's semitransparent.
We needed something for our software and the other traffic light component was simply too i created this one...

click to see it in action...

As you can see it comes in two versions and you could switch between both versions by using the yellowVisible property.

The frame has the color #333333 with an opacity of 50% and the inner part has the color #CCCCCC with an opacity of 50%.
Due to the transparency this component fits better on different backgroundcolors because they shine through.

This component is now also part of the SteelSeries Java Swing component library.

Well that's all for this friday, as always you could download the binary and source (as NetBeans project) here:

binary version: TrafficLight2.jar

source          :

So enjoy the upcoming weekend and keep coding...

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