Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Fun component XVII

Hi there, this week it's time for some little fun again...
I was searching the web for something interesting and found the following image...

This is just a computer graphic of an idea for a clock made out of domino pieces. Well I really liked the idea and (as always) could not resist to create this clock in JavaFX.
It's not really a complex control but that's not was FUN and that IS important...
So here is my version of a domino clock made in JavaFX...

The clock works as follows, the hours will be visualized using only one domino piece on the left (it shows the hours from 0 - 12). The two domino pieces in the middle will visualize the minutes and the two domino pieces on the right will show the seconds.
Well there's one drawback with this domino case they should show a 0 they will just show nothing at all.
It's amazing how easy it is to create controls like this in JavaFX, I just can't say it often enough...

If you want to see it in action you could take a look at this youtube video 

Interested in the code ???  Here you go... SOURCE

So that's it for today, enjoy the summer and keep coding...


  1. Nice, but I think the 'zero' is visually confusing. Maybe it would be better to outline the whole domino, top and bottom. Then both top and bottom sections would be asymmetric and more obviously 'invalid' numbers?

    1. Well that's interesting...I did this and you could see it in the YouTube video but I checked the web again and saw that the original clock does the 0 by showing it as everything off. That's the reason why I changed it again.

  2. That's great. But why don't you put the clock as a javafx applet on the page instead of linking a youtube video powered by flash?

    Best Regards

    1. Viewing it from my cell phone, i prefer it to be in youtube. As long as JavaFX is not working on ex. android

      Adrian S.