Saturday, September 22, 2012

Java One 2012 Information

Hi there,
today I won't post about controls (well not on this blog but on the Canoo RIA blog) but I will give you some information for the upcoming Java One conference.
If you took a look at the conference schedule you might wonder yourself why there are two sessions about custom JavaFX controls...

Well Jonathan contacted me during the cfp process already to discuss how we should proceed as both sessions have been accepted for the conference.
We decided to convert Jonathan's session into a Q&A session where you can learn about future API and deep dive into examples.

That means if you would like to know something about the development of custom JavaFX controls you should come to my talk (CON2425) and if you would like to deep dive into Q&A you should definitely go to Jonathans talk (CON4726).

Jonathan blogged about this topic too, please read it here.

That's all I would like to share with you I hope to see you in San Francisco at Java One.

Keep coding...

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  1. Hello

    This comment has nothing to do with this subject but I didn't know how to contact you.
    Since you have put the sources of steelseries I have worked on the problem of log scale of gauges (I have only worked on the linear one).
    The problem was that when your values (max, min ) were below 1 the gauge doesn't work.
    I have fixed the problem and I can send to you what I have done.

    Best regards