Monday, May 6, 2013

Java(FX) BBQ

Hi there,
Today's post is not about JavaFX but more about community. I decided to organize a little Java(FX) BBQ where I'll try to give people the chance to meet and have some fun. The event will happen at my house in M√ľnster (Germany) and will be open for everybody who's interested in meeting some people that are interested in Java and especially in JavaFX :)
It will happen on a friday afternoon and the date is not fixed yet, so if you would like to attend, feel free to add yourself to the following Doodle:

JavaFX BBQ Doodle

I saw that some people from the JFXtras project signed up already so it might also be a good chance to meet and greet these guys behind the JFXtras project. If you would like to stay here over night you will find a guesthouse here

Gästehaus Asche

If not too many people sign up I will sponsor the beer which means you just have to bring your food with you and if you have to drive something to drink without alcohol.

If you have something to show or would like to discuss something related to JavaFX...feel free to bring your computer with you and I will take care about a beamer or something else if you would like to present something.

As a side bbq grill is not that big so don't expect too much of it... :)

I will post more information about the location etc. as soon as we will have a date (at the moment everything looks like it will be the 21st of June).

That's it so far...would love to see you at the keep coding...

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  1. Nice initiative! But what a pity... I will travel to Europe only on June, 26th. Too bad!