Monday, August 19, 2013

Raspberry Pi Showdown at Java One 2013

Hey folks,

back from my vacation in Egypt I have to say that it's a beautiful country with really friendly people (even if you might hear something different at the moment).
But back to Java, JavaFX and embedded...
At JavaOne 2013 Steven Chin and myself will have a BoF with the title "Raspberry Pi Showdown"...woooh...sounds great right...
Well last year at Java One I had the idea of having a BoF where not I will show what I did but let the audience bring their stuff to the stage and show what they it's again all about the community...what else :)
My idea was that often you have done something that is worth of let people know about it but a conference session is to why not bring your Raspberry Pi related stuff to our BoF and show it to the audience ???
Yes you got it right, YOU should bring YOUR stuff with you to our session and you will get the chance to show it to the people...doesn't that sound good ???
So here is the link to our session


means if you have to show something Raspberry Pi and Java(FX) related...feel free to contact me or Steven up front so that we will be able to organize everything and we will give YOU the chance to show your project at Java One 2013... what are you waiting for...??? 

Cheers and keep coding...

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