Thursday, April 17, 2014

Just flip it...

Hi there,

When writing this blog post I'm on a trip in Canada visiting my good friend Todd Costella for a JavaFX training. So before the training started I've found a control that I've created 2 years ago and that was not very well coded so I decided to port it to JavaFX 8 and add it to my Enzo library. 
The control is a simple panel that has two sides to which one could add some content. To switch between both sides the panel has to methods, flipToFront() and flipToBack(). I personally think that this kind of control could be quite useful in applications to keep the focus of the user at the position where you would like to have it. E.g. changing the properties of a control can be done at the location where the location is placed instead of using a properties menu etc.
Here is a little video that demonstrates the usage of such a panel.

This might not be usable for everything but in some applications it could make sense.

For those of you that are interested in this, you will find it as part of the Enzo controls library on bitbucket.

So that's all for today and don't forget...keep coding...

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