Friday, May 2, 2014

Enzo is on Maven Central

Just a short announcement...if you like you could find the JavaFX 8 controls library "Enzo" now on Maven Central.

That was really keep coding... 


  1. Hello Gerrit! Thank you for all the good work with these controls. I am currently using the Air Controls that you posted previously, and I'd like to create a horizontal version of the AirCompass gauge. I looked through the Enzo library, but I didn't see the "Linear" control that I saw you had created for a previous version of JFXtras. Perhaps one of the builders can do it, and I just missed it :) Do you have any plans to make a linear control, or a builder for one, in the Enzo library? I figured I could take the Linear gauge as a base, and modify it to create a compass out of it.

    1. Hi Diana,
      You are right, there is no linear control in Enzo and there are no plans to create one at the moment. Do you have an image of a horizontal compass gauge, so I might want to create one and add jt to the AirSeries.

  2. Hello Gerrit, here is a link that has an image of a primary flight display with the horizontal compass at the top: