Thursday, July 17, 2014

Off to new horizons...

It's now more than 2 years ago when I've started working for Canoo Engineering and I have to say that I really enjoyed that time. It was always great to discuss topics with a bunch of really smart people.

But sometimes you get the chance to head to new horizons...

For me it was the question:
"Would you like to work together with Angela Caicedo, James Weaver, Stephen Chin and Simon Ritter in the evangelism team?"

And as you might guess already there was only one answer for me...YES OF COURSE!!!

So I'm happy to announce that as of 8/15/2014 I will join Oracle in Simon Ritter's team as Java Technology Evangelist.
As you might already know from my colleagues my job will be about blogging, speaking at conferences and Java User Groups and spreading the word about all things Java (especially Java in the IoT space).

So I'm really looking forward to spend all my energy in the technology that I like sooooo much...Java.

Keep coding...

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