Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Fun XXVI

And Friday again...finally :)
Today I have another little fun JavaFX component for you which took me some time to build. Those of you that own an Apple Watch (unfortunately I don't have one) might know this control already.
It is the Fitness Gauge that looks like this...

Well in principle this is an easy to do control...BUT...if you take close look the engineers/designers at Apple did again a fantastic job by creating this control. First of all it has a conical gradient on each arc (from a darker to a brighter color). Then it has this neat drop shadow at the end of the arc when it overlaps. 
This seems to be easy to implement but it's not...believe me :)
After some tweaking I got a solution that I'm quite happy with and this is what it looks like...

As you can see it's not really the same but it's not bad :)
You can set each bar individually, the max value for each bar and the color. The control is based on my Medusa library and uses three Medusa Gauges for the data model.

Here is also a little video that gives you an impression how it looks like in action...

So I think that's it for today...just a little fun...enjoy and btw if you need the you go...

Github repository

Keep coding...

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  1. Very nice! And fantastic job on your Medusa project!!