Friday, May 27, 2016

Java(FX) BBQ

Hello again...
Today I don't have any control for you but I would like to announce this years Java(FX) BBQ. It will happen as usual at my place and I will take care about the drinks, so the only thing you need to bring with you is the stuff that you would like to eat.
Well and it might be nice if one or the other could also bring some salad and/or sauce.

Here are the details for the BBQ:

Date      : Saturday, July 2nd  shifted to August 27th due to bad weather
Time     : 3 pm

And it's not all about meat and beer but if you have something interesting to say/show you are welcome to do a short presentation about your topic.

So if you have the time and if you are in the area, feel free to join and have some fun but please let me know up front if you will join so that I now how many people will show up :)

Enjoy the upcoming weekend...and keep coding... :)


  1. Hello Gerrit
    I found your Swing-gauges very impressive and I would be pleased to meet you.
    I am living in France but I will be in Münsterland by the end of august.
    Shall I bring only some salad or some saussages as well ?

    1. Awesome...well if you bring yourself and something that you would like to eat for the BBQ. I will take care about the rest. Looking forward to meet you at the BBQ,

  2. Hello Gerrit
    Is it still ok for saturday 15:00 ?