Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Fun XXXV

Hi there,

Well I could not withstand to create another Friday Fun control before my vacation which is another little gauge that might be useful for one or the other dashboard.
Last weekend I saw a similar gauge on a tweet and thought by myself that should be an easy here is the gauge from the tweet...

...and what should I was easy :)

Here is a little screenshot of my version...

This is not really something special but I think it might be useful. So on the outside you see what I call sections (green, yellow and red) and the bar that represents the current value of the gauge will always be drawn in the color of the current section.
If you switch off the visibility of the sections (setSectionsVisible(false)) the sections will disappear and the bar will be drawn in the barColor.
You could add the sections by calling the setSections(Section... sections) method or add single sections by calling the addSection(Section section) method.

And if you would like to see it in action, here is a little video..

As I said nothing special but if you are interested in the code you can find it on github as always.

That's it for today, so enjoy the summer and keep coding...

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