Saturday, February 18, 2017

A little Radial Chart for some weekend fun...


Before I went to Singapore last week I saw some interesting radial bar graphs on the web and thought this might be a fun control to have in JavaFX.
Because in Singapore was no time for coding I've decided to do that later...which means today :)
So first let me show you what I'm talking about, the following picture should give you an idea...

I like that idea to wrap a bar graph in a circle to save some space and so I've created that control in JavaFX which now looks like follows:

If you will take a look at the control you will figure out that it's not perfect but it should be a starting point for you :)
Because it tooks me only 1.5h to create that control I thought it might also be nice to have it as a skin in TilesFX and so I've also created a RadialChartTileSkin which looks as follows...

So this was a quite productive morning so far :)
The new skin for TilesFX can be found in the current release of TilesFX which is 1.3.4 and the RadialChart control is on github as usual.


So enjoy your weekend and keep coding...

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