Friday, June 9, 2017

Java Geek Bike Ride + BBQ


Over the years it became some kind of tradition that the Java User Group Münster organizes a little community event...the Java BBQ at my place in the summer. But this year I thought we need to improve that a bit. Instead of only having the BBQ, I thought we first should do some exercise before we start the BBQ :)
And for that reason we will do a little Java Geek Bike ride this year followed by the traditional Java BBQ.
So here is my plan for our's around 25km which should be ok because we are not on a hurry..

Because we'll do the bike ride everyone who would like to attend should bring a bike :)
And no won't be a race but a relaxed ride with enough time to have some "Fahrbier" ;)
If you have no chance to bring a bike with you, I could offer one more bike, otherwise feel free to only join the BBQ part. I could also offer a place to sleep for at least 2 person so just let me know if you need a place to stay, otherwise there are some B&B close by which might work for you.
As always feel free to present things you would like to talk about, e.g. last year one of our attendees presented some interesting stuff which ended in a session at the JavaLand conference... :)

The date for the Java Geek Bike Ride + BBQ will be the 

Saturday the 29th of July

I would suggest that we will start not too late which means maybe around 12pm.
As always I will take care about the drinks and you only have to bring some stuff for the BBQ.
Everyone should bring the kind of meat/sausages etc. she/he would like to eat and it would be awesome if some of you might be able to also bring some salad and bread for the BBQ.

If you are interested but don't know if you are "allowed" to come...just ping me...everybody is welcome as always.

You can find the place here:

Looking forward to spend a great day with you guys...

Keep coding...

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