Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Switch and Slide...


Last week I've got a link from my friends over at PiDome where they pointed me to a video that show a prototype for a mobile client for their home-automation software.
For all of you that don't know about PiDome go ahead and check their website...this stuff is really awesome!!! And they also have a twitter account which you can follow @Pi_Dome.
In that little video I saw a control which sparked my interest, it was a combination of a switch and slider which absolutely makes sense if you think about switching on a light and dim it's brightness.
And because in TilesFX I already have a SliderTileSkin and a SwitchTileSkin I thought why not create a SwitchSliderTileSkin...?
Well long story short on my way to Basel I simply created this Skin which tooks me not even 45min. Meaning to say you now can also use TilesFX to switch/dim a light or whatever else you have on your mind :)
Here is a little screenshot of the new Skin in TilesFX...

In principle this is really just a combination of the SwitchTileSkin and the SliderTileSkin with a little difference.
In the SliderTileSkin the thumb of the slider will visualize the minValue state by changing it's color. So as soon as the value is larger than the minValue the thumb will switch to the barColor and it will switch to the foregroundColor when the value equals the minValue.
In the SwitchSliderTileSkin it's a bit different because here the Slider thumb color will also visualize the active state of the Tile.
So the Switch will also switch the color of the Slider thumb. The Switch will toggle the active state of the Tile where the Slider will define the current value of the Tile. With these two properties you should be able to use this skin for whatever you have on your mind.
The new SwitchSliderSkin will be in the next release of TilesFX which will be 1.4.8 but if you would like to play around with it today, feel free to fork it on github.

Oh and btw if you have an idea for a TileSkin...please let me know :)

That's it for keep coding... :)

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