Saturday, July 14, 2018

GradientPicker reloaded...


Because I worked a lot with Adobe Fireworks over the last 10 years I was using it's gradient tool very often. It is a handy tool to create color gradients where you can simply add new gradient stops and set the color and opacity for each stop either with a slider or by typing in the value.
This is how the Adobe Fireworks gradient tool looks like:

The functionality of the upper handles is to adjust the opacity of the selected stop where the lower handle is to set the color of the stop.
In 2013 I've already created a gradient picker in JavaFX but it was not a separate control but more part of a screen color picker.
So far so good but I always wanted to redo the gradient picker I've created at that time.
Well...after some night hacks I finally finished that gradient picker and so you can now also use it if you like. Here is what the current result looks like:

In principle it has the same functionality as the gradient tool in Adobe Fireworks. I've created a little video that demonstrates it's functionality:

And that's it for today, as always you can find the source code at github.

I hope this control will be useful for one or the other of you and don't forget...keep coding...

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