Thursday, July 5, 2018

TilesFX colors...


When working on my little dashboard at home I've figured out that I needed more colors to visualize some data. Because I've added already a color scheme (Bright) to TilesFX a while ago I decided to add more colors.
So in TilesFX 1.6.3 you will find 4 different color schemes, because I often need the same color at different brightness levels I've decided to add a Medium and Dark scheme to the lib. 
Here is a little table that shows the Bright, Medium and Dark scheme with their available color definitions:

The usage is pretty simple, let's assume you would like to make use of the color green from the medium scheme you simple type:

Medium.GREEN and you will get the color #32a539

So I hope these colors are as useful to you as they are to me :)

As always you can find the latest version of TilesFX here

Source: github

Binary: bintray

Maven Central

That's it for today...and do not forget to keep coding...

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