Sunday, August 26, 2018

Medusa Morphing Clock


During my vacation in Greece I've saw a nice video on youtube about a DIY morphing led matrix clock. There is a nice instruction on how to build this clock over here.
If you just would like to see what it looked like, here is a little video from that clock...

When I saw the animation of the 7-Segment elements I had the idea to add this as a clock skin to my Medusa library.
Yesterday I've added a skin that shows the same behaviour so that one can now use it within Medusa.

Here is a little video of how it looks:

I did not add the colons because in my version one can define a color for the hour, minute and second digits and I had no property for the colon color. So I simply did not at them :)

Here is a little code snippet that shows how to use the new skin:

Clock clock = ClockBuilder.create()
                          .time(ZonedDateTime.of(2018, 8, 26, 6, 58, 0, 0, ZoneId.systemDefault()))


As you can see it is used in the same way as the other skins in Medusa. It will switch to am/pm mode if you set the local to Locale.US, otherwise it will use 24h format.

The skin will be part of the next Medusa release but is already in the source code.
As always the stuff can be found here:

Source at github

Binary at bintray

Enjoy your weekend and...keep coding... 

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