Friday, July 12, 2019

Some fun again...

Aloha everyone,

I think I'm too busy these days...just saw that my last post was from March...ZOMG
So last week I was in Basel at the Karakun office and met with my old friend Andres Almiray (which always is a pleasure) and we talked about some JavaFX and SVG stuff. After he left the office I was thinking about how to visualize multi-color SVG paths in JavaFX and started to create my own SvgNode.
But first why do I not use the already SVGNode in JavaFX to solve that problem? Well the SVGNode is nice but comes with the drawback that it only supports one single path with it's fill and stroke and that's it.
This works for almost all things I need but sometimes you simply need to support more than one path with separate fill and stroke for each path.
Here is a little example SVG that I've found on the web (over at which shows the problem...

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG 1.1//EN" "">
<svg width="100%" height="100%" viewBox="0 0 513 513" version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" xml:space="preserve" xmlns:serif="" style="fill-rule:evenodd;clip-rule:evenodd;stroke-linejoin:round;stroke-miterlimit:2;">
    <path d="M235.135,235.135C159.925,310.345 135.231,275.075 26.004,422.225C17.921,433.114 20.496,448.544 31.694,456.194L33.637,457.521C38,460.501 43.224,461.88 48.503,461.642C58.83,461.176 80.859,464.825 116.106,492.951C167.374,533.862 226.035,500.058 252.374,473.719C281.232,450.167 320.774,395.21 285.236,340.081C273.056,321.188 266.597,306.174 263.368,294.601C258.079,275.643 275.644,258.078 294.602,263.367C306.175,266.596 321.188,273.055 340.082,285.235C395.21,320.773 450.168,281.233 473.72,252.373C500.06,226.033 533.863,167.373 492.952,116.105C464.826,80.858 461.176,58.829 461.643,48.502C461.881,43.223 460.503,37.999 457.522,33.636L456.195,31.693C448.545,20.495 433.115,17.921 422.226,26.003C275.075,135.231 310.344,159.925 235.135,235.135Z" style="fill:rgb(253,111,113);fill-rule:nonzero;"/>
    <path d="M85.968,403.053C106.035,377.514 146.121,331.223 206.362,303.757C214.498,300.047 224.098,301.902 230.29,308.353C252.48,331.471 295.699,389.535 234.658,451.558C177.284,509.854 117.679,460.332 87.834,431.163C80.132,423.636 79.314,411.522 85.968,403.053Z" style="fill:rgb(133,231,255);fill-rule:nonzero;"/>
    <path d="M109.686,409.31C101.985,401.784 101.167,389.668 107.82,381.2C113.481,373.995 120.737,365.137 129.588,355.518C110.289,373.237 95.743,390.609 85.966,403.054C79.313,411.521 80.131,423.637 87.832,431.164C117.677,460.334 177.283,509.855 234.656,451.559C238.431,447.724 241.803,443.904 244.81,440.106C191.186,481.359 137.507,436.5 109.686,409.31Z" style="fill:rgb(87,208,230);fill-rule:nonzero;"/>
    <path d="M61.163,438.023C64.067,435.193 62.465,430.262 58.452,429.679L45.283,427.766C43.689,427.534 42.312,426.534 41.599,425.09L35.71,413.157C33.915,409.52 28.729,409.52 26.935,413.157L21.046,425.09C20.333,426.534 18.956,427.535 17.362,427.766L4.193,429.679C0.18,430.262 -1.421,435.194 1.482,438.023L11.01,447.311C12.164,448.435 12.689,450.054 12.417,451.641L10.169,464.757C9.484,468.754 13.679,471.801 17.268,469.914L29.046,463.722C30.471,462.973 32.174,462.973 33.599,463.722L45.377,469.914C48.966,471.801 53.161,468.753 52.476,464.757L50.227,451.642C49.955,450.055 50.48,448.436 51.634,447.312L61.163,438.023Z" style="fill:rgb(250,220,96);fill-rule:nonzero;"/>
    <path d="M403.053,85.968C377.514,106.035 331.223,146.121 303.757,206.362C300.047,214.498 301.902,224.098 308.353,230.29C331.471,252.48 389.535,295.699 451.558,234.658C509.854,177.284 460.332,117.679 431.163,87.834C423.636,80.132 411.52,79.315 403.053,85.968Z" style="fill:rgb(133,231,255);fill-rule:nonzero;"/>
    <path d="M330.206,208.437C323.755,202.245 321.902,192.645 325.61,184.509C339.693,153.62 358.724,128.045 377.37,107.736C352.891,130.259 323.473,163.116 303.756,206.362C300.046,214.498 301.9,224.098 308.352,230.29C331.47,252.48 389.534,295.699 451.556,234.658C455.511,230.765 458.954,226.863 461.957,222.959C404.341,268.579 351.895,229.255 330.206,208.437Z" style="fill:rgb(87,208,230);fill-rule:nonzero;"/>
    <path d="M463.722,33.601C462.972,32.175 462.972,30.473 463.722,29.048L469.914,17.27C471.8,13.681 468.753,9.486 464.757,10.171L451.642,12.421C450.055,12.693 448.436,12.167 447.311,11.014L438.023,1.485C435.192,-1.419 430.262,0.184 429.677,4.196L427.763,17.365C427.531,18.959 426.531,20.336 425.087,21.049L413.154,26.939C409.517,28.734 409.517,33.918 413.154,35.713L425.087,41.603C426.531,42.316 427.532,43.693 427.763,45.287L429.677,58.456C430.26,62.469 435.192,64.072 438.023,61.167L447.311,51.638C448.435,50.485 450.054,49.959 451.642,50.231L464.757,52.481C468.753,53.166 471.801,48.971 469.914,45.382L463.722,33.601Z" style="fill:rgb(250,220,96);fill-rule:nonzero;"/>


If you open that file in a browser or graphics program you will see something like this...

As you can see this SVG contains multiple paths with different colors and it would simply be great to be able to visualize this in JavaFX.

So my SvgNode can handle multiple SvgPath objects which can be created using the SvgPathBuilder as follows:

SvgPath svgPath = SvgPathBuilder.create()
                                .effect(new DropShadow())

Then you can create a SvgNode as follows:

SvgNode svgNode = new SvgNode(svgPath);
svgNode.setPrefSize(100, 100);

The initial size of the SvgNode should be the original size of your SVG file to get the best results. 
The SvgNode will parse the given path string and will draw the path on a JavaFX canvas node. This works great even with multiple paths but comes with one problem...scaling.
If you scale the SvgNode control it will scale the embedded Canvas node which can lead to blurred shapes if your original size was small and you size the control to a large size.
So for the best result you should create the SVG in the size you later on need the SVG in your application.
To come back to the example in the is the representation of the sunglasses using my JavaFX SvgNode...

Not too bad for a quick hack... :)

As always you can find the source code over at github

I hope this will help one or the other...enjoy the upcoming weekend and keep coding...

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