Friday, May 15, 2020

TilesFX update


You might have heard that Darksky has joined Apple. Well I used the darksky weather api for the WeatherTileSkin and therefor had a dependency to the json-simple library to be able to parse the json data from darksky correctly. I never was a big fan of having TilesFX depending on other libraries and 2 weeks ago there was an issue on github where someone asked to remove the dependency because of jlink problems.
Well after Darksky moved to Apple and won't probably be available in the future any more I've decided to remove the WeatherTileSkin and the Darksky objects from the library.
So from version 11.33 you won't find the WeatherTileSkin any longer in TilesFX but I've created an addon library called tilesfxweather which will make it possible to continue using the WeatherTileSkin as a custom skin in combination with the Darksky api.
If you take a look at the Demo class in the tilesfxweather project you will see how to use the WeatherTileSkin. Because Darksky might go away I've also removed the dependencies from the skin to the Darksky object so that you now only have to provide a DataPoint object that could contain data from where ever you want. But as I mentioned everything is in the Demo class of the tilesfxweather project.
In addition to the above things the new release also contains some bugfixes and a new property called fixedYScale which will be used in the SparkLineTileSkin when set to true.
The y-axis in the SparkLineTileSkin will usually automatically be adjusted to the min- and maxMeasured values of the current view but if fixedYScale=true the y-axis will always be based on the min- and maxValue from the tile.

Oh and you can find both libraries on maven central:



Well in principle that's it for stay healthy and...keep coding...

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