Friday, October 8, 2010

FXG Converter update

Yesterday i thought it might be useful to add a little calculator to the fxg converter tool. Because if you convert a fxg file to java2d code you sometimes need to convert additional points (e.g. non centric rotation center etc.).
To achieve this i usually use a desktop calculator and convert the point coordinates from the image to scalable coordinates for the java2d code.
Making this easier i added this simple stupid calculation to the fxg converter so i'll have it always available if needed.
Here's a little screenshot...

You can open the calculator by pressing the calculator button and if you have a fxg file opened in the preview it will pass the width and height of the fxg file to the appropriate fields in the calculator.
Now you just have to put in the coordinates of the original point and press the "Calculate relative position" button and you will get the new coordinates in relation to the width and height shown in the textfield at the bottom of the window.
It's nothing special but for me it's a little handy tool...


  1. Hi,
    I very interested in your FXG converter tool. I tried to use it, but it doesn't seem to work on my Windows PC. When I drop an FXG file on the tool, nothing happens.

    Do you (intend to) support 9-slice scaling ? And are you plannig to make the source code available at or elsewhere?


  2. Hi Marc,

    I'm glad you like the tool. Well like i mentioned in the post i only have Adobe Fireworks to generate FXG files and with this files i tested it successfuly on OS X and Windows.

    Because even within Adobe products the generated FXG files are different (Illustrator FXG != Fireworks FXG) i can't promise that it works with other FXG dialects.

    If possible you might want to send me the FXG file you tried and i could make some tests with it.