Thursday, October 7, 2010

Simple clock component

No steel today...
In the beginning of the year i created a analog clock component that i used in different projects to visualize the time. And this morning i decided to spin it of as a separate component. So here we go...

Well it's nothing special but could be useful from time to time. You could either let the clock decide if it should change it's background color from white to black dependend on the time or you could switch between it manualy.
The property to adjust this behaviour is called "AutoLuminosity" and you might know it already, the background color property is named "Luminosity" (could be LIGHT or DARK).
There are also other features in there where you can set the timezone offset for the clock (useful if you would like to create some kind of a worldclock).

That's it, please find the source and the binary here:


    Binary: Clock.jar

The binary is designed as a component that you could use in your gui editor, so enjoy...

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