Friday, October 15, 2010

SteelSeries 1.4 ...

It's done...the next version of the steelseries lib is ready to go...
Well it's not a big shot but there's one new feature that will give you all the flexibility that you need to create funny things...

But have a look first...

 I added a custom layer to the gauges which is in principle a buffered image that will be displayed between the background and the tickmarks. With this feature you will be able to add a logo, icons etc. to your gauges.
For the gauges in the above image i created three custom images in a drawing program where i placed the icons at the right positions. To get the best result your custom layer image should be of the same size as the gauge, otherwise you will get a scaled instance of your image which could contain scaling artifacts.

The gauge in the middle with the custom frame was fun, because i set the frameDesign property to "NO_FRAME" and added a custom layer that contains only the frame...

Here's the piece of code that i used to create the gauges above:

BufferedImage customLayerLogo ="logo.png"));
BufferedImage customLayerFrame ="frame.png"));
BufferedImage customLayerGas ="gas.png"));




The next feature i added is a new type of pointer for all radial gauges. It will also come in all the available colors except it always has a black center. So the "old" version is still the default but you can set the pointer to the type that i used in the right gauge using 


I hope this two features will give you everything you need to unleash your creativity...


  1. Hi I just want to say I think what you are doing is great, but I have a question,

    Every time I call setCustomLayer(Some buffered Image);

    The method never returns

    I was wondering if you could offer some advice on this.

    I was also wondering if you knew of a quick way to add a actionlistner to the one of your steel radial BarGraphs

  2. Issue is fixed in subversion revision 226 (steelseries-3.8.2-SNAPSHOT) and will be part of the next major release 3.9.

  3. Very nice component! Thanks a lot.