Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Fun XXXIII


Today I just have a little control that I want to share with you, it's not really something special but sometimes could be useful, I named it ChargeControl. It could be used to visualize the charge of a battery, signal strength or goal reached etc.
The really nice thing about this control is that I wrote it in 30 minutes which simply shows how effective it can be to use JavaFX (if you know what you are doing ;) ).
So here is what it looks like...

As you can see it's not really amazing but it works which was the most important thing. Again I make use of Medusa for the model and one can set values from 0.0 - 1.0.
This control is really light-weight because it only contains Regions that are styled by CSS which makes the amount of code to realize it really small.

Well what should I say...I guess that's it already again and if you are interested in the code you will find it as always on github.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend and do never forget...keep coding ;)

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