Sunday, November 25, 2018

TilesFX 1.6.5


I finally found some time to prepare another release of TilesFX. This release mainly contains fixes of different issues and one new skin.
First of all I would like to say thank's to the external pull requests that fixed two issues, it's always good to see people take over and fix things.
The skin I've mentioned is nothing that could not have done before with a custom tile skin but I saw some dashboard like apps that simply showed pictures of people on kind of tiles. Here is a little example of what I am talking about...

An so I thought this might be some nice add on to the library and was easy to here you go...

Nothing really fancy but there might be some use cases for this kind of skin.
The skin takes the given image and a so called ImageMask which can be either

  • NONE

And this is how these ImageMasks look like...

That's all for the latest TilesFX release, I have ideas for more stuff to come but simply do not have the time at the please be patient... :)

Java 11
Another thing is porting the library to Java 11, I've started with a port to Java 11 but due to a lack of time was not able to finish this yet.
My plan was to create a new project for the Java 11 version which will be TilesFX11.

If one of you is interested and has the time he can start porting the library to Java 11.
It will be highly appreciated, so if you are interested, just ping me and we will figure out a way to work together.

The latest source code and binaries can be find at the following sites as always...

Source:    github

Binary:    bintray

Maven:    maven central

That's it for keep coding...

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