Friday, November 30, 2018

Friday Fun LX


Last monday I was up early and created a little control that I would do (again) for a long time. It is some kind of a rolling counter...well an odometer.
The whole thing was based on the JavaFX Canvas node which is great on desktop but not so good for JPro applications. 
So I thought about having a control like a single digit spinning wheel based on an ImageView. To be able to create such a control you need to create an image stripe that contains all the values you would like to "spin through".
This image has to be created every time you resize the control so you have to be aware of that. I've started with a numbering control that counts from 0-9 which means it contains at least 10 images. So far this is no problem but when I've started into an alphabetical control that counts from A-Z I had to handle at least 26 images plus an empty one if you would like to visualize a space character.
Meaning to say you should be careful when creating a lot of this alphabetical controls in a row because you will have to handle a lot of more or less big images (dependent on the size of the controls).
But long story is a screenshot of the controls I'm talking about...

On top you see the Odometer control which is a simple counter that just counts up values. One can define the background and foreground colors for the digits and for the decimals independently. In addition one can define the number of digits you would like to see and the number of decimals.
On the lower image you see some combinations of the Spinner control, the upper part shows 7 alphabetical spinners in an HBox where the lower part shows the numerical spinners in HBoxes.

The Spinner control is available as ImageSpinner and CanvasSpinner with the exact same functionality just one is based on the ImageView and the other on the Canvas.

To give you an idea what it looks like I've recorded a little screen video of the controls in action...

As always you can find the source code over at github
I will also show this control next week at JavaFX days conference in Zurich.

That's it for keep coding and hopefully see you next week in Zurich... :)

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