Friday, February 1, 2019

Friday Fun LXI


In the current project I needed a matrix like data structure that is observable and because I was not aware of one (even I'm pretty sure that there is something out there) I created my own observable matrix.
This little class is more or less a wrapper around an 2-dimensional array of objects which offers some convenient methods to add columns and rows.
Meaning to say it can hold for example a matrix of your own custom objects and it will fire different kind of events in case you added/removed/changed an item in the matrix. There are also events if columns/rows have been added or removed from the matrix.
If you remove a column item by item until all items of that column are gone the matrix will fire an event as soon as the column only contains null objects.
Because this is only a data structure and nothing fancy, I do not have any nice and shiny images to show this time.
The source code is available on github as always and you will find a little demo class in the source that demonstrates the functionality.

That's it for keep coding... :)

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