Friday, February 1, 2019

Friday Fun LXI Part 2

Found some additional time today to close some bugs in my Medusa JavaFX library and in addition I've quickly created another skin called PlainAmpSkin.
There was the request for the ability to switch off the black part of the AmpSkin and just show the scale to save place.
Instead of adding another property to the Gauge class I've simply created another skin based on the AmpSkin but without the black frame.
Here are images of both skins to give you a better understanding of what I'm talking about...

Both controls have the same size but it is obvious that the lower control makes better use of the available space.
So I hope this new skin will fit the needs of the people that requested the feature.
This additional skin and some bugfixes can be found in the latest Medusa release which is now 8.2.

As always you can find the 

source at github

binary at bintray

and on maven central.

So that's it for today...enjoy your weekend and keep coding...

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