Wednesday, July 7, 2021



I finally found some time to continue working on TilesFX. There was an issue in the TilesFX repo over at github that I would like to do for a long time but never really found the time.

So I now added a new skin called SpinnerTileSkin which is based on this issue/request. It does not look exactly like the requested one but I think it's close enough.

In principle the skin shows a numerical value that when changed will spin through the numbers from 0-9 as if they where on a wheel.

Because a screenshot won't really show the effect, here is a little video:

As you can see it is nothing really special but sometimes it might be exactly what you need.

To set it up you simple need the following code:

Tile tile = TileBuilder.create()
.prefSize(300, 300)
.text("Animated number spinner")
tile.currentValueProperty().addListener((o, ov, nv) -> {
if (nv.doubleValue() < 0) {
} else {

Switching the color from white to red in case the number is negative is done by the listener attached to the currentValueProperty of the tile and is not the standard behavior.

Because I'm preparing my libraries for the upcoming JDK17 LTS release, this skin can only be found in the JDK16 branch of TilesFX. Not sure if I will backport it to the JDK11 master branch.

At the moment the JDK16 branch is not available on Maven Central but I will probably create a release in the coming stay tuned...and keep coding :)

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