Monday, September 20, 2021

Mission Timer X


Last week I've watched the live stream of SpaceX Mission "Inspiration4". When following the countdown on the screen I saw a nice control on the bottom of the screen...a mission timer. Well my very first Swing control I've created was the mission timer of the Apollo missions. As you can see I always was fascinated by those things... :)

So here is the screenshot I took:

The thing I really liked is the idea of having a circle where the upcoming events moving around. Very nice design. Of course there are details like colors, dots within the event circles etc. So I just had this screenshot and tried to re-create this control in JavaFX.

First thing to do (as always)...create a good vector drawing of the control.

So here you go:

My version also supports days which is the reason why I have the format in the way you see it on the image above. Another thing which I might improve is the changing colors of the items. In my version the color depends on the angle of the item on the circle but I think fading the item color might be better...we will see, maybe I will add this later on.

Also the font is not really the same as the one used by SpaceX. I've tried to find an appropriate one and decided to use the one in the image above.

The intersting thing about this control is that the width of the control is the only thing I used to do all the calculations. This was needed to make sure the aspect ratio of the control is always the same.

The MissionTimerX control also fires events of the type MissionTimerXEvent.PROCESSED. These events will be fired once an item reaches the center of the control which means it happens :)

Here is a little gif that shows the control in action...

And as always the code is available over at github.

Well...that's keep coding...

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